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MIA offers a full professional race set-up for an “arrive & drive” experience like no other.

This year, we have concentrated our efforts into the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge program with 2 new McLaren GT4 race cars competing in GS Class.


Our goal is to ensure our drivers and partners get the most out of their race weekends. Safety, of course, is our priority and therefore each car gets meticulous attention at our race shop prior to each event. We put aside 30 hours per car to do a full tear-down, inspection and then set-up for the next race.


During the race, drivers benefit from our expertise with full race support including dedicated crew and equipment for each race car. MIA provides everything needed to have a memorable season or, individual race if that’s the case. We provide a dedicated engineer/strategist for each car as well as full equipment and crew to manage simultaneous pit stops so that both cars get priority and the engineer and drivers can manage their own race strategy with full coverage regardless of what the other car is doing.


As a team though, we analyze and share the data accumulated between both cars during practices so that each driver has as much information as possible to get the best race setup leading into qualifying and finally the race. As a driver during the event, MIA hosts you with state of the art equipment including an engineering room in the trailer to go over data acquisition with your engineer.


We have everything needed onsite to make all adjustments requested including setup pads for both cars.


Also during the event, you are treated to our personal chef catering breakfasts and lunches with a wide variety of freshly gathered produce from local markets. Our tent has quickly gained a reputation as the premiere eating spot on the paddock.

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