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Although at MIA we usually only have the time to schedule maintenance with current racing, rebuild or custom build customers, we never turn away a client and vehicle that depends on our expertise. This includes race cars, most brands of exotic cars “with some age” and of course classic collector cars.


We use the same car and precision with our maintenance as we do with our extremely high-performance race cars that must compete at the highest and safest levels at the race track. With this attitude, our processes are translated from our racing attitude to your car’s maintenance. All the work (and verification) is handled with extreme attention to detail and care. A car that has been serviced at our shop is delivered with a concept that safety and precision of work is of most importance.


As a business we would of course love to service anyone and everyone that comes to see us, but due to high scheduling demands and long lead-time projects, we need to ensure our very specific expertise is being used to its fullest capabilities and also prioritize those who have an existing program with us such as racing, restorations and custom builds.

If you have a special car that you have been frustrated in finding the right shop to work with, please do give us a call and we will do our utmost to assist. We all love cars at MIA… it’s a passion first, and a business second. We know what it’s like out there attempting to find a proper shop for your precious vehicle and we are hard pressed to refuse any car requiring our help.

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