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One of the earliest programs offered by MIA was a variety of different levels of race support to drivers at local race tracks.

Our flexibility and knowledge of many car manufactures/makes and racing protocols makes MIA an ideal partner for your entire track needs. Our services can be as simple as track support and coaching for you and your street car enjoying a lapping day at a local club event all the way to a full blown race weekend with hot pit stops (and everything in between). We can cater a program specifically for your needs and nothing more.

MIA is always available should you wish your car to be set-up before a track event. With an appointment, we can schedule a proper track setup to your needs which will also benefit your car. For example, an improper alignment will not only diminish the performance of the car and your track experience, but will also contribute to tires wearing out unevenly and having to replace them prematurely.

Proper support at your weekend event can make all the difference between having a successful and exciting day at the track to packing up early due to something as minor but important as a low brake pedal requiring a fluid bleed with nobody there to help.

Ask us what you want to do and achieve and we’ll be happy to discuss our services and fit a program for your budget.

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