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The major advantage MIA has over most shops that provide our service is our location!

Situated at the Autodrome St Eustache race track, we are not only able to validate our own work with access to the track, we also can arrange track time for our clients to validate our work themselves under the right conditions (race license, waivers, fees, etc.).

Before moving to Autodrome St Eustache, we had to rent some track time somewhere, pack up the car and tools, drive to the track perform the tests, pack up again and return home. If there was some work to do that could only be performed at the shop based on the results of the test, the whole process would have to be carried out again.

Now that we are trackside, we can simply go out and test our work. If some additional work needs to be carried out, the car drives back in the bay and then reemerges on the track once completed. This saves time and money for everyone and is considered a major benefit of working with MIA.

Whether your car is a fully fledged race car performing in any series of road racing to ovals to drifting, or a street car used for track days and lapping,  or your intention is flat out acceleration, ASE’s multi-configuration track can be used to test any of the above.

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