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Everyone loves performance upgrades! They come in the form of mild to wild and we can do them all!

If you’re on this page, we don’t have to entice you any further than what got you here in the first place. You have a car. You love it. It had the performance you were looking for when you bought it… but now you need more!

We understand you! You’re family and friends might not, but we certainly do. We’ve all been there at our shop and treat your requests with the same enthusiasm as if it was our own car.

We do however have a slightly different approach than most race shops in which we have dealt with ourselves over the years. Most shops are ‘aligned’ with certain performance manufacturers and vendors, usually in the form of an exclusive distribution or agency of their products. The benefit of this is usually some attractive pricing for those parts. The downside is that it is perhaps not the best application for your needs. Often, and as would any distributor do, the customer is directed towards their product with a strong sales pitch. We at MIA, and on purpose, have no such alliance. This means, we are there to help you determine which product will best suit your needs and deliver the result you want.

We do have a very good relationship with many suppliers but our philosophy at MIA is that we are there to get the best performance upgrades for your budget with a non-bias approach. We felt it difficult to portray that while maintaining exclusive selling agreements with specific vendors while excluding others in discussions with our clients.

Also available to MIA is a full turnkey tuning and dyno service on site to validate claims of the performance upgrade in the case of power. For chassis, suspension and braking validations, our shop situated at Autodrome St. Eustache gives us access to the track to test the new upgrades and confirm all is working as intended. This in itself is so important and key to saving time and headaches. The worst thing is to have your upgrades completed and wait for a track day, pay for the track day; only to find out something is wrong. When your car leaves our shop, you know it is ready for the track!

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