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Headed by seasoned perfectionist Michel Labrosse, MIA has quietly been known as the go-to shop for any serious restoration projects on any type of vehicle. We say “quietly” because although this division of MIA is very important to us, we do not actively solicit any business outside of this page on our website. Restoration projects come to us with word of mouth referrals, usually from a previous client extremely happy with the end result of their “new vehicle”.

There are many differences with MIA compared to other shops that offer restoration services. For one, having Michel head up these programs will give any client reassurance that their prized vehicle is in capable hands. Having been involved with complex mechanical projects at a very early age, Michel has amassed 45 years of experience with virtually every type of OEM and their early models.

One of the problems with today’s young mechanics is that they are trained and formed with a completely different mentality and approach to vehicle diagnosis and reparation. Computers are plugged into the vehicle to determine what part is defective and then the mechanic is trained to properly replace said part. This philosophy has been around since the 90’s with the introduction of OBD II systems. Prior to this, mechanics were taught how the part was built, how it functions with its intended design, how and why it might fail under different scenarios, and the truly passionate mechanics, on their own, would figure out ways to make a part even better. This is Michel’s upbringing in the world of mechanics and his passion for delivering a restoration project to a client entrusting us with “their baby” is something we don’t take lightly.

Of course, budgets can preclude an entire wish list for a complete restoration and rebuild, so we ensure to understand your budget and expectations so that we can deliver what was promised. Generally speaking, we can tailor-make an agreed upon program to satisfy any needs.

Lastly, mindset and attention to detail is a paramount requirement to ensure a successful program which is why MIA does not take more than 2 (large) projects at any given time. If you are contemplating restoring your classic car or early model exotic, please contact us for a meeting to discuss your needs. You will never be rushed during this meeting and we will take the time to fully investigate all possibilities within your allocated budget and timeline.

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