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Similar to our full blown IMSA GT4 “arrive and drive” Racing Program, MIA also fields a full team and service program for the Nissan Micra Cup Season.

Whether it’s your Micra Cup or a MIA’s Micra Cup car, we can tailor a race support program to your needs. MIA can take care of everything such as set-down and set-up of the car, registration and full logistics, and of course, complete race support including a dedicated spotter/radio crewman, data acquisition readings and driver coaching.

Onsite catering can also be provided to you and your guests with a wide variety of fresh produce and many grill options throughout the course of the weekend.

The Micra Cup Series has been endeared by the community as a great opportunity to have a fun, relaxed, yet competitive weekend. Regardless of your skills and experience, there are always drivers similar to your pace from which fun track battles emerge.

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